Capital Raising

Sage’s extensive network enables it to pair capital, assets and operators to create a perfect match. Having raised substantial capital from our clients, we have a successful track record of working with manages and operators in placing equity in quality acquisitions.


Acquiring an income producing investment property requires experience, presence in the marketplace, know how, connections, financial skills and up to the minute knowledge of the market and business environment.

Sage Equities will guide you through a step by step process leading to a successful closing. Our services include:

  • Developing a favorable investment profile for each client;
  • Sourcing properties that would fit to the investor’s criteria;
  • Presenting and analyzing potential acquisitions;
  • Introducing a local partner where required;
  • Managing all aspects of acquisition process;
  • Arranging and negotiating financing;
  • Providing post acquisition asset management services.

Asset Management

Responsible and knowledge driven management of your assets by trusted professionals must be the key to your peace of mind.

We at Sage Equities, deliver on this promise, every day. We are Informed, market driven, details oriented and ‘hands-on’. We provide our investors with high confidence real estate based asset management.


Our asset management services include everything that a property owner will need to do, and more. Negotiating leases, supervising the management team, signing cheques, generating periodical reports, preparing financial statements and tax filing, developing the property, negotiating with contractors and managing the asset’s bank account.


The real estate world is complex (some would simply call it “a jungle”!). Identifying opportunities, negotiating an acquisition,  reduction of operating costs, or assessing the value of excess land you may already own, are a few of the challenges real estate owners may be facing. Sage Equities provides its clients an A to Z solution for both existing and recently acquired assets; we provide advice, manage negotiations or recommend professional experts to tailor a solution for your issues and opportunities.

International Presence

With the Global marketplace becoming connected and highly accessible, sophisticated investors seek opportunities beyond their own borders. Diversifying one’s investments can serve as insurance policy in times of crisis. Different economies react differently to global changes.  Sage Equities has presence is several different markets in North America, which enables Sage to offer a comprehensive solution that allows Sage’s clients to comfortably invest from afar, yet effectively remain close to the action in those markets.

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