Sage Equities specializes in acquiring income producing real estate in North America (Canada and USA), as well as development of real estate projects in those territories. We are present in 9 states in the US (NY, IL, IN, CO, OK, GA, NC, TX and FL), and in Ontario, Canada, with a total asset base well over 1.3 Billion USD.   Sage invests in its projects via subsidiaries, or through long term joint venture structures. Uzi Ziv, LLB, Sage Equities’ CEO, is an experienced real estate entrepreneur who has been involved in real estate investments since 2002.

Over the years we have successfully invested and managed in multifamily, office, retail, senior housing, industrial buildings, multifamily development, condo development and more.

In the US, Sage Equities operates through several different vehicles:

Multifamily acquisitions – via its Atlanta, GA subsidiary, M. Banks Realty Partners, LLC  www.mbanksrp.com

Multifamily Development – via its JV partner based in Columbus, GA.

Condo Development – via its NYC development partner.

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