Sage Equities is a real estate advisor and asset manager who serves institutional investors, public companies and high net worth individuals in real estate investments in Canada and USA. Among our clients are Israeli insurance companies, pension funds, providence funds and high net worth individuals.

We provide an A to Z service, including direct investments in properties, financing, joint venturing with local partners, asset management and real estate consulting. As an advisory shop we are capable of pairing funds and properties, and put together creative financial structures.

Sage Equities is proud of the long and successful track record it brings to its partners and investors, while closely monitoring the assets and maximizing yields.


Acquiring an income producing investment property requires experience, presence in the marketplace, know how, connections, financial skills and up to the minute knowledge of the market and business environment.

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Asset Management

Responsible and knowledge driven management of your assets by trusted professionals must be the key to your peace of mind. We at Sage Equities, deliver on this promise, every day. We are Informed, market driven, details oriented and ‘hands-on’. We provide our investors with high confidence real estate based asset management.

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The real estate world is complex (some would simply call it “a jungle”!). Identifying opportunities, negotiating an acquisition, reduction of operating costs, or assessing the value of excess land you may already own, are a few of the challenges real estate owners may be facing.

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